Bard in the Botanics

Shakespearean Delights at Bard in the Botanics

Imagine this: it’s a crisp summer’s eve, you’re surrounded on all sides by lush fauna from across the globe, the sun is dipping behind the clouds and you’re reaching out thirstily for a sip of ice-cool beer or velvety-smooth wine. The stage is set, the lights flicker on… out walks a talented troupe of actors, ready to spin the most dramatic of yarns to delight, inspire and entertain you. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for Bard in the Botanics.

We love the fact that our residence – the Ambassador Hotel – is right next door to Glasgow’s Botanic Garden, but we especially love it when the annual Bard in the Botanics rolls into town. This outdoor event is Scotland’s most popular Shakespeare festival and welcomes guest to experience old Bill’s tales in one of the city’s most beautiful settings. This year, it’s Star-Cross’d Lovers Season, with Romeo and Juliet, Anthony and Cleopatra, Much Ado About Nothing and Edward II taking their turn on the bill. It runs from 20th June until 28th July and we’d advise checking in advance for playing dates and times to make sure you don’t miss your favourite piece. 


Bard in the Botanics Ambassador Hotel Glasgow

Bard in the Botanics Ambassador Hotel Glasgow


The performances start between 7:45pm and 8pm, leaving you plenty of time to grab a bite to eat prior. Try Cail Bruich for modern Scottish classics like Wye Valley Asparagus, Torched Sea Bream and St Brides Chicken. Keep it uber casual with posh fish and chips at Old Salty’s on Byres Road – their take on a traditional Scot’s chip shop is a fine representation of every day food in the country (although with the fat and salt content maybe it shouldn’t be quite an “every day” treat!). Finally, you could meet in the middle with classic Italian dishes in La Vita Spuntina’s relaxed atmosphere– also just a few minutes’ walk away.

After you’ve been wowed by the theatrical prowess of the actors on the night, we’re sure you’ll need a little night cap to go over the evening’s events and unwind. Luckily, you’re just steps away from the Oran Mor, a Glasgow institution and one of the best places to get a wee dram. If you’re lucky, you’ll even catch a glimpse of the actors “off-duty”, what with the Oran Mor being one of the city’s most popular hang outs for creative types!

After all that excitement, it’s time to head to your home for the night – the Ambassador Hotel, where else? Talk a stroll past the River Kelvin on the way back to your room and enjoy the view as moonlight mottles the water’s edge. Okay, we’ll leave the poetic writing to the experts; as usual, check out our regular blog for deal updates and discount codes and we look forward to seeing you this summer!