Glasgow’s Top 5 Whisky Bars

A Taste Of The Good Stuff.

A trip to Scotland wouldn’t be complete without a snifter of whisky passing by your lips. As a country, we’re staunchly proud of the heritage of our national drink and often take the opportunity to guide newbies around the various blends on offer.

While we recommend you take a distillery tour if you have the time in order to really get to know the process inside and out, it’s often nice to taste a few varieties in a more relaxed environment. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of our favourite whisky drinking spots throughout the city so you can try different flavours on for size at your own leisure.


Set in the Woodlands area of the West End and just a stone’s throw from our hotel, Dram is a bustling bar with a penchant for whisky. Offering over 70 malts (yes, 70!) you’ll have to make sure you go easy on the stuff if you’re a real fan and narrow down your choices. The bar staff are happy to help out if you’re not sure what to try and the bar has regular entertainment including comedy and quiz nights to accompany your self-directed tasting.

The Lismore

Also in the West End, The Lismore is known for knowing its whiskies. They’ve got a great range behind the bar as well as choosing a whisky of the month which can be a great starting point if you’re a bit of a  whisky novice or are overwhelmed by choice.


Not an obvious choice for whisky tasting as Hutchesons is known more for its food and wine but they also have an exclusive deal with the Glenfarcas distillery. They’re the only place in the UK to house all of the Glenfarcas family of casks under one roof so if you’re already a fan of this particular malt then this is a must-see.

The Wee Pub at The Chip

The Chip (or Ubiquitous Chip to give it its proper name) is more in the fine dining market overall but is also home to cosy watering hole, The Wee Pub. They have their own whisky club hosting talks, tastings and an opportunity to get together with other enthusiasts. Meetings are monthly so check in advance to see what’s happening during your stay.

Bon Accord

There aren’t many places you’ll find the barmen and women are fully trained on whisky but Bon Accord aims to please. With links to local distilleries who give staff the lowdown on tasting notes, history and more, Bon Accord pride themselves on offering a varied range of malts to suit beginner drinkers and the most discerning of whisky buffs.