Healthy Restaurants in Glasgow

Staying Healthy

The festive period hits even the most health-conscious of us hard. From scoffing a mince pie with every cup of coffee to never saying no to leftover turkey, there’s not a lot of room to keep on track with diets. Let’s face it, moderation is not a word normally associated with Christmas! 

Having said that, there’s no reason you can’t get back on the healthy living kick as soon as January comes around, and a visit to the Ambassador hotel doesn’t have to upset the status quo. Our home city is well known for its tantalizing culinary scene and while a three-course dinner in most Glasgow restaurants require at least an extra half hour in the gym for balance, we know of a few hidden gems that won’t see you falling off the wagon quite so spectacularly. Read on to see our top of the crop of healthy restaurants in Scotland’s largest city. 

Fit Food Bistro

Housed inside Tiso’s flagship Glasgow store, Fit Food Bistro has its roots firmly set within the idea that healthy food should still be enjoyable. Wholesome soup, energizing breakfasts and plenty of vitamin-rich smoothies make this place a prime spot for health-conscious shoppers looking for somewhere to rest mid-spree. Plus, the lovely folks at Fit Food reckon there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a slice of cake now and then!

KCAL Kitchen

Wandering through the city centre on an empty stomach can be like running the gauntlet when you’re trying to err on the side of healthy. Luckily, KCAL Kitchen comes to the rescue every time. The West Regent Street café’s angle is nutritious food made tasty, and with an entire menu dedicated to dessert, we really can’t argue with that! Check out their Muscle Builder burger for the ultimate protein kick, or go for an eggy breakfast from their range of omelettes and eggs on toast to kick start your day. 




Serving up fresh fayre for all the animal-lovers out there, Picnic is 100% vegan and proud of it. Their menu offers everything from smoothies and juices, to burgers, baked sweet potato, super salads and, of course, a sweet menu to drool about. 


How can we put Singl-End on the list when they have an entire trestle table dedicated to cakes, we hear you ask? Well, first off, the cakes aren’t compulsory (but they’re oh-so good!) and this bakehouse has more to offer than just sweet treats. Try the vegan breakfast, eggs on toast or freshly made sandwiches to satisfy your taste buds and your diet simultaneously. 



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