Stress-Free Travel With Kids

Stress-Free Travel With Kids

Quality time with the family is super important and can be more and more difficult to fit into busy lives. Often, the annual holiday heralds the opportunity to get away from it all as a unit and enjoy one another’s company and that’s why getting things off to a stress-free start is paramount. We know that it can be tricky travelling with little ones in tow, so we’ve put together our top 5 simple rules to go by if you want to maximize fun family time and keep disruption to a minimum for all concerned.

1: Do Your Research

Get in touch with your hotel prior to arriving to see what alternative arrangements they can offer should you be travelling with small children. We provide family room configurations at a selection of our hotels and cots can be hired from just £9 per night. If you’ve any further requirements just send us an email or pop down to reception to find out more.

2: Safely Does It

Your own home is likely to be kitted out with child locks, baby gates and socket covers. Unfortunately, even family hotel rooms don’t often come with these features as standard so do your own recon work and investigate the room as soon as you arrive. Tuck any free-standing bulky objects neatly away in a corner or cupboard, or ask reception if they’d be happy to store them elsewhere completely. If your luggage capacity allows it, socket covers brought from home are always a good idea to stop little fingers going where they shouldn’t.

3: Entertainment Fix

Bringing toys and books for the kids may seem obvious but with the stress of packing essentials like clothes, passports or nappies, it can be an afterthought. Baby’s favourite cuddly toy can provide a much-needed link to home at bedtime and for bigger kids, books and even audio readings are a great way to make downtime in the hotel interesting.

4: Wind Down

Don’t forget yourself! You or your partner need to take a little time out too and e-readers and tablets are a great way to chill out with your favourite movie after lights out for little ones. All our hotel rooms feature free WiFi so getting online is easy.

5: What’s On?

Finding out what’s on in the local area before you arrive saves time and means you can hit the road to adventure as soon as you’re settled in your room. Luckily, all our hotels are within a short distance of some of the best attractions to be found in Glasgow – check out our Blog for more details and, above all, enjoy yourself!